Victoria Felkar

Symposium 2018, 28th and 29th July

The Grand Hotel, Malahide, Co. Dublin

Victoria Felkar (MA, BKIN), is a researcher, practitioner and educator. She is a respected leader within the industry for her innovative and integrative approaches to health and performance. As an interdisciplinary researcher and instructor, she works across the fields of kinesiology, medicine, critical studies and the humanities.

Victoria is currently completing doctoral studies at the University of British Columbia, with a focus on female hormone manipulation within sport and medicine. She is also a consultant, author, and speaker within the world of strength and fitness, and lectures at events worldwide. For the past decade, she has worked with a wide range of individuals and organizations, including top-level athletes and competitors, special populations, health professionals and strength coaches.

Her specialties include athlete-centered coaching methods, functional health and performance enhancement education. No matter if it’s in academia or the industry, Victoria’s passion is building and sharing knowledge.

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