We are delighted to offer you all the content from the 2016 ISI Symposium for purchase, you can either buy individual sessions for €20 each or avail of a fantastic discounted offer of €100 when you buy the complete bundle.

ISI 2016 Symposium Day 1 & Day 2

Presenters: Eoin Lacey, Dr Eric Serrano & John Meadows

Topics:Over 8 hours of learning content from both days of the 2016 Symposium, covering topics such as The Gut micro biome  and its role in body composition, Mountain Dog Training Philosophy Explained, Controlling Inflammation, Advanced Nutrition & Thyroid Function, Nutrition for Fat Loss & Muscle Gain as well as much much more.

Only €100

Day 1

Presenter: Eoin Lacey

Topic: The Gut micro biome and its role in body composition

Hear from ISI Coach Eoin Lacey on how pivotal the microbiome is to over all health but also its role in controlling, sustaining and modifying body composition. This fun, interactive and informative lecture gets down and dirty!!!

Presenter: Dr Eric Serrano

Topic: Controlling Inflammation

Inflammation is a double edged sword, we need it but only in the right amounts, at the right time, but only for a period of time. Hear from Dr Serrano on how we can control and manipulate key variables from lifestyle, diet, nutrition and supplementation to enhance your health, well being and specific performance goals.

Presenter: John Meadows

Topic: Mountain Dog Training Philosophy Explained

The legend that is John Meadow, shares the fundamental blocks of his unique, tried and tested system of training. Learn about his approach to periodisation and how to maximise results whilst keeping injury and boredom at bay.

Presenter: Dr Eric Serrano

Topic: Advanced Nutrition & Thyroid Function

What your doctor doesn’t tell you or doesnt know about Thyroid function!!! One of the most misunderstood glands in the body as it relates to overall health is the thyroid gland. It has a central role in metabolism, immune health and performance. During this epic presentation Dr Serrano illustrates with empowering information how you can assist and support your thyroid gland to new found energy, improved mental health and body composition.

Presenter: John Meadows

Topic: Nutrition for Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

Following on from his unique training system, John delves into his complimentary protocols for fat loss and muscle building. Drawing on years of personal and professional experience he explains how he times his approaches, how he individualises them and how and when to implement them for the best bang for your buck.

Presenters: John Meadows, Eric Serrano, Eoin Lacey

Topic: Monster Q&A Session

Q and A session with a wide variety of topics, some humourous replies with exceptionally applicable take homes.

Day 2

Presenter: John Meadows

Topic:Mountain Dog Contest Pre Secrets

For those of you out there in the competitive bodybuilding world, this information is a must. Learn from Johns year and years of experience on how he prepares his athletes. No BS, no secrets, EVERYTHING is discussed!

Presenter: Eoin Lacey

Topic: The Role of Epigenetic’s

Genetics and its interaction with the environment is a very new area of research. Hear from Sports Nutritionist Eoin Lacey on how you can test, if you should test and what to do with the information. Learn how to treat the entire client not just the SNP. Become aware that we cant change our genes but know that everything we do, eat, drink, think about all speak to our gene expression.

Presenter: Dr Eric Serrano

Topic: Dr Serrano Secrets

Dr Serrano has walked the walk and talked the talk for 30 years plus. Hear how you can benefit from what he has learned in practice, not research but true practice. Learn how you can become an industry leader by adopting some of his unique approaches in regaining health, well being and performance .

Presenter: John Meadows

Topic:The Truth About PEDS

Reality PEDs are a part of pro body buidling, at the ISI we dont deal or involve ourselves with them. Learn from John Meadows what he has done and what people actually do in the real world behind closed doors. This session is not for the faint hearted.

Presenter: John Meadows, Eric Serrano, Eoin Lacey

Topic: End of Symposium Q&A Session

Final day wrap up, hear from the 3 speakers as they answer questions from the audience, from pregnancy to skin health to regeneration and recovery.