Malahide Marina Gym
Meet the Team

Eoin Lacey

Sport Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Consultant & Strength and Conditioning Coach

Eoin Lacey is co- founder and Director of ISI.  He and John Connor opened the first ISI in 2004.   Eoin’s passion in this industry has lead him into teaching.  He stays up to date with the evolving world of health and fitness and passes that knowledge onto his staff and clients.

Adam Ward

Personal Trainer

Adam has joined the ISI in 2013 since then he has continued to develop his training techniques through education in fat loss / weight loss and hypertrophy-specific training (HST) techniques for muscle gain along with the correct training techniques, nutrition, and nutritional timing.

Adam believes in individual needs for fitness and nutrition and ensures that all his training and nutritional advice is tailored towards his client’s needs, strength’s, goals and movement quality.

He is a senior trainer in the ISI and is qualified in Level 4 Personal Training, Myofascial Release, Animal Flow, an L1 Powerlifting Coach and has also competed in an IPF Powerlifting competition.

Adam works in both our Malahide Marina and Leeson Street facilities.

Robbie Bennett

Personal Trainer

Robbie has been involved with the ISI since February 2015.  He believes in educating his clients about the right nutrition and exercises to help them achieve their goals, the best nutrition protocol is the one that is sustainable for you.
Robbie incorporates various resistance training strategies into clients programs in order to help them reach their goals whether it be hypertrophy, fat loss, flexibility, improving sports performance or overall fitness

Emer McGlade

Personal Trainer

Emer has been coaching in the area of womens health for over 23 years. A former yoga & pilates instructor, Hypnobirthing teacher & Doula, she has worked alongside women through the transformational life changes of pregnancy, birth, parenting & returning to fitness postpartum. Emer is a mum of 4 boys herself, and has an understanding & awareness of the many challenges related to health & fitness that parents are facing when it comes to exercise & nutrition goals.

Emer is an ITEC qualified Personal trainer & Girls Gone Strong Certified Women’s Coach. She has a special interest in women’s health- from pre & postnatal fitness all the way to life after menopause with the goal of helping women feel strong, confident & thriving in mid-life & beyond.

As a coach & trainer, Emer has a holistic view on health & fitness- promoting a healthy body positive relationship, and a healthy relationship to food with no extreme restrictions or diet plans.

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