ISI Apprenticeship Program – Starts Jan 2020

The ISI have developed the apprenticeship program as a means to give trainers additional tools to up skill themselves to improve there client success and client retention the whole purpose of the apprenticeship program is to educate attendees on what we have broken into  6 unique modules and to lay it out in such a manner that we have created a roadmap on how to integrate it into your own personal training setting

The ISI has been hosting educational events for trainers for over 10 years now and in this course we have included what we deem the absolute essential tools you must know as a coach to implement with your clients, There are many courses out there that may cover aspects of training, nutrition or program design. In this program we have decided to include 6 different attributes to working with clients. These are listed below.


  • Module 1 - January 19th

    • Understanding the Principles of training
    • How to periodise programs for your clients
    • Modalities of training
    • Modifying your clients programs for training success
    • Classifying training
    • Training roadblocks
    • Types of periodisation

  • Module 2 - February 16th

    • What, When and how to measure consistently
    • Understanding the ISI health timeline
    • Road mapping your clients assessments
    • What to ask during a consult and when
    • What to have on an MSQ/ Nutritional questionnaire
    • Functional moment screen
    • ISI Apprenteship

  • Module 3 - March 15th

    • The ISI A,B,C,D approach to macronutrients
    • The role of macros and micros in health
    • Blood sugars and hormones
    • Digestion and assimilation
    • Intermittent fasting and other diet strategies
    • Biochemical individuality and the outliers
    • ISI Apprenteship

  • Module 4 - April 12th

    • Understanding work 2 rest ratios
      and when to apply them
    • Practical training program
    • Understanding variables power vs capacity
    • Modified strongman training
    • Who and when
    • Different modalities of EST
    • ISI Apprenteship

  • Module 5 - May 15th

    • Assessments for the
    • Structural balance
    • Understanding ports induced muscular imbalances
    • What is “functional training “
    • Weight room anatomy
    • ISI Apprenteship
    • ISI Apprenteship

  • Module 6 - June 14th

    • Recap of
      previous modules
    • Modalities of recovery
    • When if the right time to introduce
    • Nutrition as a training support factor
    • Sleep
    • Supplements
    • Hydration

The cost of the Appreniship Program is €1,000 with limited availability. Contact us today to secure your place.

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